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The Children's Crusade

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Move over, Dan Brown.  You have serious competition in the religious thriller genre.  Eugene Bianchi, himself once a Jesuit priest and afterward a respected academic, knows how to write a sexy, fast-moving piece of fiction.

In an intense sequel to The Bishop of San Francisco that is ripped from the headlines, Bianchi's maverick hero puts his life on the line to confront the deadly consequences of the clerical abuse of children and the conspiracy of silence that has allowed it to continue.

History professor Dan Harrington and Sister Frankie Latrobe, a feisty African-American nun, uncover allegations of child abuse involving Pope Clement XV.  Liberal Archbishop Mark Doyle, a continuing thorn for the Vatican for his liberal ideas and a romantic relationship that produced a love child, joins Dan and Frankie to their search for evidence.

Their investigation takes them to Frankfurt where Pope Clement taught in the mid-seventies.  Leads uncover a middle-aged brother and sister from a prominent German family who claim to have been abused as teens by the man who is now Pope.

With support from Mark, Dan, and Frankie, the siblings go public, provoking an explosion of worldwide publicity.  A right-wing Catholic group, Ordo Novus, traces the Archbishop's connection to the child abuse controversy, and stalks Mark, Dan, and Frankie in order to shut them up.

Pressure mounts on the Pope, as demonstrations around the Vatican and elsewhere intensify, calling for him to resign.  Clement wrestles with his conscience and chooses a drastic action to solve his dilemma.


Autographed copies will be available directly from the author for $10.00 (including shipping). Please email me at with any request for a more personalized autograph. Orders may be sent either through PayPal (below) or by sending a check for $10.00 to: Eugene Bianchi, 1860 Barnett Shoals Rd. Suite 103-494, Athens, GA 30605.



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