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Ear to the Ground: Poems from the Long View


by Eugene C. Bianchi




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“Bianchi's poems come from an extraordinarily rich spiritual and sensual life. The meditative mood is balanced and lightened by the wit, humor, and satire in such wonderfully descriptive poems as Adam and Eve at Columbus Circle, Jesus Complains , and God is a Potato . One is struck by the honesty and integrity of these engaging, moving, and unpretentious poems.”         

--Ron Schuchard, Prof. of English, Emory University


“These poems are replete with the wisdom of age and the exuberance of youth. He celebrates our common plight with the mind of the philosopher and the eye of the poet.”


–Charlotte Barr, Poet, The Text Beneath


“These are the poems of a man who has endeavored to gaze steadily at his subjects: love, lyrical arguments for tolerance of all kinds, sly humor….infused with gratitude and joy.”


–Thomas Lux, Poet and Chaired Professor of Poetry, Georgia Institute of Technology


“Bianchi's poems put a tender, spiritual touch to suffering, aging, relationships, connections to animals, along with reminiscences of a life of profound movement of the spirit and soul.”


–Judy Clarence, Librarian Emerita, California State University East Bay, Reviewer of poetry for Library Journal (1990-2005)



“I am happily surprised at the quality--the particularity--of the observation in these poems.  The author makes good metaphor of his surroundings, from youth in Oakland to active retirement in Athens, Georgia.  The occasional swat at favorite targets, Mother Church in particular, is an added feature of this well-written collection.”


--James Torrens, S.J., author of Uphill Running, former poetry editor for America





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